Going Solar Could Not Be Easier!

No Pesky Salesmen

We are a solar company unlike any other.  We won’t impose on the sanctity of you home by requiring in home sales presentation ever!

Using our 4 step salesmen repellent process we’ve enrolled customers for solar coast to coast without them even needing to get out of their pajamas.  

We’ve all experienced the stress of inviting a salesman into our house for a home improvement project and when it comes time to kick him out, HE JUST WON’T LEAVE.  That won’t happen with us.

With our free and 100% online solar proposal you can get the personalized info you need and when it comes time to kick us out, all you need to do is hang up the phone.

Most solar contractors want you to believe that going solar is an involved, convoluted, intricate, and confusing process.  They create this façade to gain entry to your home where their high-pressure sales tactics are proven more effective. What they don’t want you to know is advances in technology have made the necessity on an in-home sales visit a relic of the past.  

Using satellite imagery, GPS, LIDAR, and drone technology we can remotely create a customized design that is more accurate than a door to door salesmen can.  Our designs are so accurate that many states even pay incentives to customers based on their projections.

Solar Savings

Approximate your monthly solar payment (this number will replace your current electric bill) by using our proprietary 60 second Salesmen Repellent Calculator.

Let's Talk

Complete a 5-10 free phone consultation designed to help us build a system around your specific wants, needs, and requirements.


Pick a 30-minute window to review your customized options with a trained consultant who will help you weigh the pros and cons of the options we have proposed to you in the comfort of your home or office – without anyone stepping foot into your home.


No more waiting… Reserve your spot!