How Solar Power Works

Solar energy is a great alternative for anyone who values independence and efficiency. Start using flexible, lightweight solar now.

Generate More Energy on a Smaller Footprint

Our solar panels blend into your roof with integrated front skirts and no visible mounting hardware. The result is a clean, streamlined look.

Our Customers Love Us

“The A1 Solar Solutions team was wonderful to work with. I was about to sign up for Sungevity for its lower price and apparently better service. Brian did not abandon me and patiently answered my questions. He explained the differences of the two companies especially the details of the two contracts. He ensured I understood the details of a long term commitment. Brian’s persistence and thorough explanations assisted me to make a decision.”

Peter Teodoro

“The A1 Solar Solutions team is knowledgable, pro-active, and always available to answer questions. Great to work with!”

David Zuckerman

“You’ll never know how many friends you’ll have until you have a backup battery during a power outage. We had solar power during the 3-day outage and friends cooking at our house, charing their phones and watching classic DVD’s”

Ward Bouwman

“A1 Solar Solutions is an exceptional partner in the process of choosing solar for any property. I say “partner” because they are much more than sales reps or energy consultants. My advisor Brian takes a “full-on” approach to the process by walking you through every step, every bit of information, every document, and any issues that arise. He maintains constant contact, total transparency and sincere dedication day after day. I have never, ever experienced a higher level of excellent customer service than what I get from A1 Solar Solutions and especially from Brian Ahlering. I have referred my friends and family to him and I will continue to do so. If he lived in my town, I’d probably ask him to babysit my children. I’m not kidding. He’s THAT good.”

Graeme Noseworthy

“From the first day we spoke with A1 Solar Solutions, we have been nothing but very happy with their knowledge, professionalism and eagerness to help in any way possible. They always respond almost immediately when we call, answer any questions we have, and express honest concern and interest in our solar adventure. We highly recommend A1 Solar Solutions as the best solar advocate you can ever hope for.”

Charles Wiseman

“It was very easy working with A1 Solar Solutions. They made the process very understandable, answered any questions that I had, was very professional and was pleasant to work with.”

Weldon Johnson