If Only We Could Make This Into A Spray

Salesman Repellent Calculator

Our Salesman Repellent Calculator is our way of helping you keep pesky salesmen off your front porch. Simply tell us how much your Utility Bill is, how much shade your home gets, and what direction your home faces. One click and we will give you an estimate of what a system might cost.

What Direction Am I Facing?

Stand with your right arm pointing away from your body – not to the front or back, but straight out to the side. Turn your entire body until your right arm points towards where the sun rises in the morning. If you are outside, your shadow will be behind you. You are now facing North, East is to your right, South is behind you, and West is to your left.

You can also face the direction the sun rises. Now you are facing East. North is to your left, South to your right, and West behind you.

We will not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others without your permission.

Many variables go into a accurate solar quote. Online calculators can be good, but mostly just a good guess until accurate information is provided (e.g., your usage history; roof azimuth.direction, and pitch; sun/shade amounts). Please know this is not a quote, but an estimate at best.